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The Sydney 2 CAMberra Charity Ride was created after a young Sydney couple lost their son Cameron through stillbirth. The tragic event heavily impacted their life and touched many of their family members and friends.

In recognition of Cameron, the Ride aims to raise significant funds, awareness and support of families affected by stillbirth and SIDS.


All funds raised by riders are donated to The Stillbirth Foundation Australia, Red Nose (formerly SIDS & Kids), Bears of Hope and other reputable charities to help support those in need.


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The Sydney 2 CAMberra Ride empowers people by giving them the chance to raise funds and participate in an event in the name of their loved ones. We have raised a combined total in excess of $1,593,000 in nine years for our chosen charities.

2021 Fundraising

As we look ahead to our 10th Annual Sydney 2 CAMberra Ride in 2021, we are hoping to raise in excess of $300,000 for our charity partners and provide a platform for families and friends affected by Stillbirth and SIDS to honour those taken too soon. We look forward to celebrating this amazing milestone with you all and raising as many funds as possible to help support those touched by stillbirth, infant and child loss.

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Supported Charities

Stillbirth Foundation Australia

Stillbirth Foundation is a dynamic non-profit organisation passionately dedicated to raising awareness of stillbirth and funding research that attempts to prevent and eliminate the tragedy of stillbirth. 6 Australian babies are stillborn every day… That’s over 2,000 babies stillborn each year. Stillbirth is a significant public health issue and the role of the Stillbirth Foundation Australia is to provide a concerted effort to focus funds on boldly discovering the causes of stillbirth.

Red Nose

Red Nose are dedicated to saving the lives of babies and children and supporting families impacted by the death of a child. Through world-class research, advocacy and education we passionately believe we can reduce the number of preventable childhood deaths in Australian from nine a day to zero. To learn more visit rednose.com.au and for bereavement support services follow the link below.

Bears of Hope

Bears of Hope provide support for families who experience the loss of their baby. Their Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support provides leading support and exceptional care for families who experience the loss of their baby. Bears of Hope provide crucial information and embrace families during their difficult time of loss, and beyond.

Watch the story behind the creation of the Sydney 2 CAMberra Ride.

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