Chris McLaren Sydney2 CAMberra 2019

by Chris McLaren

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This campaigns is over.

I’m participating in my first Sydney2CAMberra ride this coming April. I’ve been a donor the past few years and when the opportunity was provided for me to participate in the 2019 event I put my hand up straight away.


The ride provides the opportunity to raise funds for those impacted by stillbirth, infant or child loss. It is a cause that touches the lives of many including close friends.


The forthcoming challenge of the ride is daunting however the cause makes it worthwhile.


Please consider making a donation with the money going to two fantastic charities in The Stillbirth Foundation Australia and Red Nose.




Name Donation Amount Date Message
Clare Hall $50.00 April 24, 2019 Legend, great effort :)
CATHY DUGUID $40.00 April 17, 2019 Well done Chris, not sure I could take those hills
brenda jones $50.00 April 16, 2019 Congratulations Chris. Well done.
Surein Watson $30.00 April 15, 2019 Congrats Chris! You did it! What an accomplishment
Erin Satchell $30.00 April 13, 2019 -
Katie Jones $30.00 April 13, 2019 Congratulations Chris!! From Katie Josh
Timothy Murawski $60.00 April 11, 2019 Happy riding munky. Watch out for all the road kill on the way to Canberra. From Jen, Tim, Owen and Abby
anthony watson $100.00 April 10, 2019 Well done, Chris!
Cheryl-Anne Szanto $100.00 April 10, 2019 -
Cheryl-Anne Szanto $0.00 April 09, 2019 Go Chris, have fun !
Adam Bishop $50.00 April 06, 2019 -
Reuben Jones $30.00 April 04, 2019 All the best for the ride!!! Reuben Steph Mike
Byron Brickley $25.00 April 04, 2019 Think of the beers!
Alison McLaren $100.00 April 01, 2019 Good luck Chris! Have a great ride. Love Al & Aaron
Sean Hogan $32.10 April 01, 2019 Great job Chris.
Neil Hillman $50.00 March 28, 2019 Good luck Chris!
Darren Steedman $25.00 March 18, 2019 Good luck for the ride Chris, Hope the beer at the end tastes good. Darren
Tracy So $25.00 March 17, 2019 -
Anonymous $100.00 March 05, 2019 -
Natalie Bros $25.00 March 03, 2019 All the best Chris. Riding for such a good cause.
Scott Knight $50.00 February 25, 2019 Great cause mate! Nice work!
Sylvia Liang $50.00 February 19, 2019 Good luck!
Ian and Lyn McLaren $100.00 February 14, 2019 Good on you Chris, go for it son.
Anonymous $0.00 February 08, 2019 -
Chris McLaren $250.00 January 15, 2019 Getting the ball rolling, or is that wheel?


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