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People have asked me “Why do you want to ride from Sydney to Canberra?”

Before I answer that, did you know that EVERY YEAR over 2000 babies in Australia and 300 in New Zealand are lost to stillbirth? The loss of a baby due to stillbirth remains a sad reality for many families and takes a serious toll on families’ health and well-being.

Over 25 years ago, one of my closest friends, Leroy, lost his daughter, Mary to stillbirth. At this time, there was virtually no support for families and men especially were expected to “man up and move on”, bottling up emotions, and suffering in silence with the resulting toll on their mental health. This ride is an opportunity for men, women, families and friends to be able to talk, listen, lend a shoulder, and above all, to grow awareness of how many people (not just the immediate family) are affected by the death of a child.

So why do I want to do this ride?

To raise funds and create awareness of stillbirth, infant and child loss and let the people who have been through this tragedy know we want to help;

To remember, and ride with Mary;

And mostly, to show support for an absolutely beautiful human being, a mate who will always battle daily with the loss of a child, and who has never failed to be there for me when I need him most.

Please support me in the 2020 Sydney2CAMberra charity ride by donating – every bit helps and every dollar you donate goes straight to Red Nose and Stillbirth Foundation Australia to help provide a platform for families and friends affected by Stillbirth and SIDS to honour those taken too soon.  With your help we can make that happen.

“Not Just a Bike Ride But a Community of Support, Love and Understanding, Where the Stigma and Taboo That Comes With Stillbirth is Forgotten”




Name Donation Amount Date Message
Alana Mills $50.00 March 12, 2020 -
Dionne Johnstone $50.00 March 11, 2020 -
Sue Allen $30.00 March 09, 2020 -
Julie Milne $50.00 March 04, 2020 Go you good thing! Love the Milnes x
Laurel Swan $50.00 March 04, 2020 Nice one Dave
Sylvia Mills $50.00 March 01, 2020 love Mum xx
Keith Brown $100.00 February 24, 2020 -
Regan Sherriff $20.00 February 24, 2020 All the best Dave, good on you
katie abbott $50.00 February 22, 2020 Go for it Dave ❤️
Pam Blackburn $20.00 February 18, 2020 Nice work a Dave, hope the training is going well.😊😊
Carmel Balks $20.00 February 11, 2020 Love this 🖤 #shotdave
Sarah Tuckey $20.00 February 11, 2020 Go Dave!!!! Backing you 100% :-)
Leon Moriceau $50.00 February 11, 2020 Good onya mate.
Sarah Lord $20.00 February 11, 2020 Enjoy the ride Davvyd, a wonderful cause for a wonderful gent ♥️
Anna Keane $20.00 February 11, 2020 Inspirational Dave. Love ya work! Have a great ride and enjoy every moment.


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