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In 2018 my daughter Sarah, son-in-law Tim and grandson Arthur lost their beautiful boy Aksel. Unfortunately he was not given the building blocks needed to survive and thrive in our world and was taken away on the 9th of February 2018. He was born 2 days later. Since this tragic moment Sarah and Tim have had a number of ups and downs but have come to realise they are not alone in having to come to terms with their devastating loss.


Sarah and Tim have since had a lovely boy August, the little brother that Arthur so dearly missed. We all continue to remember Aksel and Arthur continually reminds us that he is not gone but is with us in our hearts.


When Sarah and Tim told me about this fundraising ride and that Tim was doing it, they asked if I would have a crack as well. I was unable to refuse the offer for such a wonderful cause and in memory of Aksel.



Name Donation Amount Date Message
Gerry Anesbury $82.00 October 01, 2020 Donations from Club Active Tweed Heads
Danielle Coyne $150.00 April 06, 2020 -
Nicholas Hocking $200.00 March 15, 2020 -
Ralph Anesbury $50.00 March 04, 2020 -
Paul Anesbury $100.00 February 23, 2020 -
Anonymous $50.00 February 22, 2020 Good on you Gerry and Tim for doing this ride. Stay safe on the road, love ya bro
Jane anesbury $0.00 February 22, 2020 In memory of grandaughter Kristen
Jude Anesbury $100.00 February 21, 2020 On ya bike Jezza , we’re all behind you and Tim.
Jude Anesbury $0.00 February 21, 2020 On ya bike Jezza , we’re all behind you ..
LeAnne Whiffler $25.00 February 21, 2020 Love you Fav all the best for your ride and we hope you exceed your amount xx


  1. Le-Anne

    Love you Fav

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