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I am undertaking this HUGE ride as a tribute to and in honour of my first daughter, Kisha who died of SIDS many, many years ago. She was born 8/8/1983 and died 5 1/2 months later on 22/01/1984. Even though she died ages ago the pain and heartache of losing her remains with me today and always will. I think of her constantly especially on every anniversary of her birthday and every anniversary of her death day.

I am a beginner rider who so far has only ridden around my local suburb of Dickson, Canberra and rarely ventured further.

This will be the first time I have ever ridden a bike so FAR. My friend Donna Sulway encouraged me to undertake this ride to raise money for SIDS as we still don’t know why little babies die from sudden infant death syndrome. I feel the time is right to be brave enough to open up about my story and my loss and to be braver still to take on such an EPIC challenge of riding from Sydney to Canberra.

Everyone please wish me luck, endurance, courage, stamina, health and fitness to take on this MASSIVE challenge. I believe that been brave enough to take on this challenge is the least I can do when Kisha and all the babies who died far too young never had the chance to live let alone be this brave.

Any donations to sponsor me in this fundraiser event and ultimately to SIDS will be greatly appreciated. I encourage you all to donate even if it is only a small donation as they all add up.

Together we can all help. Thanks everyone and wish me luck. Feel free to cheer me on at the finish line when we get to Canberra. I will be really proud of myself when I get there and I would love to see my friends and family cheering me on and been proud of me as well.


Name Donation Amount Date Message
Kerry Finlay $50.00 May 27, 2020 Go Kelly!
George Zervos $20.00 May 27, 2020 Go Kelly!!!
Ewa Starczewska $20.00 April 03, 2020 -
Rosalyn Tumsevics $0.00 March 15, 2020 Good luck Kel go bikie gal go !!
Barbara Mannix $100.00 March 08, 2020 -
Barbara Mannix $0.00 March 08, 2020 -
Andrew Wilson $200.00 March 04, 2020 Your doing an amazing thing for a beautiful cause. Happy to give my support :)
Hilda Strathdee $0.00 March 03, 2020 You’re doing a wonderful thing. Best wishes.
Kiarna Kavanagh-Beck $20.00 February 27, 2020 Keep up the hard work! Xx
Kelly Kavanagh $300.00 February 08, 2020 Go girl you can do it
susan carson $50.00 December 10, 2019 Goodonya you're a champ!


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