Kerrianne & Andrew Lavelle – riding for Alexis

by Kerrianne Lavelle

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Our story…


Andrew and I had a very normal but busy 2010, spending the early parts of the year moving into our house in Dubbo NSW, and preparing to welcome our first child later in the year. It was a very exciting time setting up a new bedroom and preparing to start our little family. September came around very quickly; months reduced to weeks, and then it was only days until my due date. We attended a routine 39 week checkup with our obstetrician, and it was here that our world came crashing down around us. To our complete dismay, he was unable to find a heartbeat, and an emergency trip for an ultrasound confirmed our worst fears. Our daughters heart stopped beating in utero hours earlier that day. Our daughter Alexis Jean was born on 21st September 2010. After giving birth to Alexis, we spent time with her in the hospital, with our families, but we had to say our goodbyes. We walked out of the hospital shattered, devastated and with empty arms.


Our involvement with Sydney2CAMberra…


Over a year later, Andrew read of the inaugural Sydney2CAMberra ride for the Stillbirth Foundation and RedNose through a newsletter. We still talk about the first event, meeting Graeme and Nadine, Lee and Rebecca, Gavan and Bianca, and all the ‘Sydney2Camberra family’. From year to year we have built relationships with families who have been through the suffering, sadness and heartbreak like we have, where those imapcted from stillbirth are able to ride or support the 300km challenge in honour of our children. Importantly, this event raises awareness for stillbirth and SIDS that affect families like ours, and for this reason, it really does mean a lot to us and other families who have lost their children. Cameron and Alexis share the same birthday (born 1 year apart), and we always think about Cameron, Graeme and Nadine on this day, knowing that our families are not alone in our grief.


Why are we riding this year…


Both Andrew and I have ridden in the Sydney2CAMBerra ride with Alexis for this wonderful cause. We believe in what the ride aims to achieve in contributing to lowering the number of neonatal and infant deaths in this country. The grief is so shattering and it has affected our family so much to not be able to see our little girl grow up with her 3 little sisters. Losing our precious angels not only shatters us as parents, but the grief is so wide spread it hurts so many others as well.


This is our 9th year that ‘Team Lavelle’ will be riding the Sydney 2 CAMberra ride. The community and the ride itself helps us as parents, which gives such a wonderful opportunity to support each other and connect with people who ‘just get it’. The purpose of this ride is a passionate drive to reduce the number of stillbirths and SIDS which is what brings us together each year. For us, this ride is a big personal challenge and the support we gain from it is so appreciated. Share, read, laugh, cry, donate, and pray for a tailwind!



Name Donation Amount Date Message
Rosemary Bishop $100.00 September 24, 2020 -
Emily Williams $100.00 September 17, 2020 -
Heather Lavelle $100.00 September 16, 2020 For my Granddaughter Alexis
Heather Lavelle $0.00 September 16, 2020 For my granddaughter Alexis
Bill Williamson $50.00 September 13, 2020 Hey A & K, never thought I'd pay to do Basha's, but great to see you guys getting it done and such a great day too!
Allison Moffitt $100.00 September 13, 2020 In support of our amazing friends Kerrianne and Andrew and in memory of your beautiful daughter Alexis - we will always remember her. Love Jason, Allison, Emily and Lachlan xxxx
Phil Hutchison $100.00 September 12, 2020 Good luck my favourite colleague, I also shout you coffee for a month :)
Atlex Stockyards $200.00 September 12, 2020 -
Rebecca Blackstock $50.00 September 12, 2020 For Alexis! 💗💗💗
Katie Lyons $50.00 September 12, 2020 Inspirational
Elizabeth Keady $200.00 September 11, 2020 -
Nic Stone $0.00 September 10, 2020 -
Gerard Gollan $50.00 September 10, 2020 Go Kerrianne
Stephanie Chang $100.00 March 08, 2020 -
Tim Knight $300.00 March 03, 2020 -
David Truscott $50.00 February 29, 2020 Thank you for letting me help you share your story :)
Annie Fardell Hartley $20.00 February 28, 2020 -
Kellie Conn $100.00 February 28, 2020 -
Allison Moffitt $457.25 February 28, 2020 Thank you for your bravery and honesty in sharing your story with us all. We wish you and all the other riders the best of luck in raising your much needed funds. Love from everyone at ClinEx Regional


  1. Katie Lyons

    A heart breaking journey, an awesome family and a wonderful cause. Stay strong

  2. Rebecca Blackstock

    Well done Team Lavelle!! You are so inspiring!! The ride will be tough but you guys are are tougher!! 💗💗💗

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