Kerrianne Lavelle – Riding for Alexis

by Rachael Watson

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This is my year to ride with Alexis for this wonderful cause. It’s my year to contribute to lowering the number of neonatal and infant deaths in this country. Because this is something I have been through – every day for 8 years – and every day it still sucks!


Our lives fell apart when we lost our beautiful little girl in 2010. The pieces of my heart have never fit back together since. The grief is so shattering and it has affected our family so much. To not be able to see our little girl grow up with her 3 little sisters still brings me tears, but her poppy knew that she needed looking after, so he joined her soon after. Everyday I think of Alexis, and know that she is with me.


Losing our precious angels not only shatters us as parents, but the grief is so wide spread it hurts so many others aswell. The grief is crippling and some days are just too hard to face. There are days when you don’t want to talk with others, out of fear for hearing that dreaded question – how many kids do you have? Do I want to avoid the awkwardness and not include our Alexis into my response, but then be left to live with the guilt of giving an ‘easy’ answer?


This is out 8th year that ‘Team Lavelle’ will be riding the Sydney 2 CAMberra ride. The community and the ride itself helps us as parents, which gives such a wonderful opportunity to support each other and connect with people who ‘just get it’. The purpose of this ride is a passionate drive to reduce the number of stillbirths and SIDS which is what brings us together each year.

For me this ride will be a big personal challenge. I’ve not ridden a bike on a road – ever! Please support me in as many ways possible, feel free to share, read, laugh, cry, donate, pray for a tailwind, but most of all, support those who have suffered like we have.

Thank you so much – it really means a lot to me. xo




Name Donation Amount Date Message
Ben Dean $100.00 April 15, 2019 Well done Kerrianne on finishing your first S2C and winning the QOM
Rod Smith $50.00 April 13, 2019 Well done Kerrianne, awesome effort
Kerry-lee Beauchamp $150.00 April 12, 2019 Keep going Kerryanne ! Were all very proud of you Kerry-lee and Geraldine xx
Baz No.1 Son $200.00 April 12, 2019 Cheering you on 🚲 😉😘😘
David Hayes $100.00 April 12, 2019 -
Sally Treacey $25.00 April 12, 2019 Good luck !!
Darryl Cumming $25.00 April 12, 2019 Go Kerrianne, enjoy the cycling feels
Jacqueline Bassingthwaighte $25.00 April 12, 2019 Good luck!!
Danielle Chapman $25.00 April 12, 2019 Amazing effort - well done xxx
Gemma Lavelle $50.00 April 11, 2019 You’re amazing Kez!!
Todd Buckley $50.00 April 11, 2019 Good luck Kerrianne, you guys are amazing xxxx
Gabrielle Nicholls $50.00 April 11, 2019 You go girl
Bob Shepherd $100.00 April 11, 2019 Well done Kerrianne. Go for it 👍
Tim Barnes $25.00 April 11, 2019 All the best. You can do it.
Fiona Stuart $25.00 April 11, 2019 All the best for your ride!
Tyler Ford $50.00 April 11, 2019 -
Rebecca Blackstock $40.00 April 11, 2019 All the best Kerrianne, you got this!!
Sarah Powell $50.00 April 11, 2019 You go gal! xx
Brett Robertson $25.00 April 11, 2019 Great work , keep going! Inspirational!
Brendan Burke $20.00 April 11, 2019 Way to go Kerryanne....huge effort! All the best! Brendan, Caz and the kids
Allison Moffitt $50.00 April 11, 2019 You are one of the strongest and most brave women we are fortunate enough to know and we wish you all the very best on your ride. Your beautiful girl Lexi will never be forgotten. Lots of love, the Moffitts xxx
David Andersen $50.00 April 11, 2019 Safe travels Kerrianne. My thoughts are with you and Andrew.
Clancy Paine $100.00 April 11, 2019 Good luck my favourite Keady gal 😉😘
Heather Lavelle $100.00 April 11, 2019 Go Kerrianne. Will have the cheer squad waiting at the finish. Have a great ride.
Emma & Alton Oates $50.00 April 10, 2019 Well done Kerrianne and good luck on the ride.
Ian Crafter $50.00 April 10, 2019 -
Matthew Wade $50.00 April 10, 2019 Good luck, great effort and great cause. All the best, the Wade’s
Michelle Chan $100.00 April 10, 2019 Thinking of you and all the families that go through still birth, and wishing for you a huge tail-wind this Friday! Go 2Bob! XX
Allison Moffitt $13.10 April 10, 2019 Dear Kerrianne, I hope your ride goes well. I am sending you all my pocket money. Love from Emily Moffitt
Luke Mullins $50.00 April 10, 2019 Good luck, here’s hoping there’s plenty of tail winds and baby powder!!
Abbey Rouse $100.00 April 09, 2019 ❤️
Tracy Mackenzie $25.00 April 09, 2019 -
Melissa Todhunter $50.00 April 09, 2019 Here’s to a strong tailwind ;) Ride safe, luv The Toddies xxx
Sarah Duff $25.00 April 09, 2019 Good luck kerrianne!! You guys are amazing + I love supporting this cause xx
Anonymous $50.00 April 07, 2019 Good luck 2bob
Grahame Edwards $50.00 April 06, 2019 -
John Campbell $100.00 April 06, 2019 In memory of Alexis
COSTIL Project $100.00 April 01, 2019 On behalf of COSTIL project
Sam Bennett $50.00 March 31, 2019 -
Katrina Lovett $200.00 March 31, 2019 Good luck Kerrianne! You and your beautiful family are amazing.
Katrina Lovett $25.00 March 31, 2019 Good luck Kerrianne! Fingers crossed for that tailwind.
Jackie Sawyer $50.00 March 30, 2019 Sending so much love to you, Andrew and all of your gorgeous girls 💕. Your amazing
Ceri Usback $25.00 March 30, 2019 All the best xx
Karen Davis $50.00 March 30, 2019 All the very best for your ride Kerrianne. Thank you for sharing your story and bringing better awareness to our community. You are very brave. Good luck riding on the road and take care out there Karen
Amy Lavelle $100.00 March 23, 2019 Go you good thing! It’s amazing what you are doing x
Libby Keady $200.00 March 22, 2019 -
Elaine Rooney $25.00 February 10, 2019 Alexis is always in our hearts. forever loved and missed greatly, will be praying for a safe ride KA love AE and Smoky
Rachael Watson $50.00 February 07, 2019 -
Lexi's Cousins $150.00 February 06, 2019 Good luck 2bob!!! We hope you have a strong tailwind the entire ride. We'll be cheering for you from afar xxx
Sarah Vaughan $200.00 February 02, 2019 -
Claudia Schick $100.00 February 01, 2019 Gooooooo 2bob 🚴‍♀️
Tamara Shields $50.00 February 01, 2019 Supporting Team Lavelle !! Forever & always in our hearts... xx
Jude Butcher $100.00 February 01, 2019 Keep safe, go hard!!!


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