Team GPPP’s Charity Ride from Sydney to Canberra

by Paul Petoud

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George Petrakis :-
I am very lucky to have 3 healthy and happy kids. I could not imagine life without them. Everyday 6 families in Australia experience the devastation of stillbirth.

The Ride aims to raise significant funds, awareness and support of families affected by stillbirth and SIDS. All funds raised will be donated to the Stillbirth Foundation Australia and Red Nose (formerly SIDS & Kids) on behalf of the Sydney 2 CAMberra participants and supporters.

For me personally this will be a challenge to complete (300 kms in two days!), but nothing compared to the challenges and loss families face without their babies.

Paul Petoud :-
This year I have chosen to participate in the Sydney 2 CAMberra 300 km ride for charity. Apart from this being a personal challenge, it also represents an opportunity for me to lend my support to these amazing charities – The Stillbirth Foundation and Red Nose (formerly SIDS and Kids). My partner Helen and I have over the years been aware of people in our lives who have experienced such loss, and therefore I am thrilled to be helping these organisations.

Your kind donation for these very worthwhile causes will be most gratefully received.

Name Donation Amount Date Message
Sheila Petoud $150.00 September 13, 2020 Great effort - well done!
David Rogers $100.00 September 12, 2020 Well done both. Great effort for a great cause
Anonymous $200.00 September 12, 2020 Great work today boys. Ang Petrakis & kids
Nicola Carter $50.00 September 11, 2020 -
Nicola Carter $0.00 September 10, 2020 Good luck!! (and happy birthday too!!!) Love from Nicci & Noel.
Christine Kritikos $50.00 April 23, 2020 Paul, Good Luck and great work! :o)
Stuart Smith $50.00 February 19, 2020 -
IAN WRIGHT $50.00 February 16, 2020 Think I got it right this time!
JIll Properjohn $100.00 February 16, 2020 -
Therese To $50.00 February 16, 2020 Good on you George & Paul, all the very best !
michelle dini $30.00 February 14, 2020 GEORGE AND PAUL....YOUR COMMITMENT IS EXEMPLARY
IAN WRIGHT $0.00 February 13, 2020 Take an aqualung to Canberra with you, Paul. You may need it. Good luck! ian
Gaynor Dewick $30.00 February 13, 2020 Hope you boys are training hard! Good luck and good on you.
Steven Bregovic $500.00 February 12, 2020 A fantastic cause. All the best for the ride George & Paul
Gaynor Dewick $0.00 February 12, 2020 Hope you boys are training hard! Good luck and good on you.
Rachael Hughes $1,000.00 February 12, 2020 Best of luck with your 300 km ride, a great clause to help support. Best wishes from Kevin, Mark, Brad and employees at MSC.
Katy Mourant $20.00 February 10, 2020 Best of luck!
Gillian Mourant $100.00 February 10, 2020 Good luck Paul -looks like a tough ride!
Julie Johnson $150.00 February 09, 2020 Best of luck, Paul. Very happy to support you on this fundraising ride.
Geoffrey McDougall $100.00 February 09, 2020 -
Helen Collins $50.00 February 09, 2020 Go boys - remember to fuel up and hydrate!! Wonderful causes. Helen xx
Geoffrey McDougall $0.00 February 09, 2020 -
Geoffrey McDougall $0.00 February 09, 2020 -
Thanasi Dimitriadis $50.00 February 06, 2020 BMX Bandits 4 life
Roula Smithies $100.00 February 05, 2020 -
Josie Petrakis $100.00 February 04, 2020 Amazing cause ❤️
Oliver Gaz $100.00 February 04, 2020 Well done G. Ps I’m coming with you!
Peter maglis $50.00 February 04, 2020 Goodluck boys. You got this !!!


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