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by Belinda Hodges

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August 18th, 2002 was both one of the happiest and saddest days of our lives. Our son Alec was born at 39 weeks. I had had the perfect pregnancy. But what had happened in the final 6 minutes of my labor would change our lives forever. Our little boy had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck 4 times and there was also a knot discovered in the cord. Alec was born and immediately taken away from us by hospital staff as they performed CPR on our innocent, perfect, seemingly healthy baby boy.


Alec was born weighing 4kg, and was 56cm in length. Our little boy was placed on life support as tests were conducted. The day after his birth, the head of neo natal intensive care advised us that Alec was born brain dead due to having zero oxygen going to his brain in the final 6 minutes of delivery. I prayed for a miracle to happen, I wanted my baby to cry like the baby I had heard from the delivery room next to mine. The following night my husband Richard and I had to make one of the hardest decisions of our lives – turn off Alecs life support.


We had the support of our family and friends as Alec was placed in my arms. I kissed his forehead and told him that I loved him with all my heart as the life support machine was switched off. Alecs final breaths taken in my arms. That empty feeling is one that will never go away. I’m riding the Sydney2Canberra in honour of Alec and to my 3 other children; Elise 15, Lily 13 & Anthony 10. My goal is to raise as much funds as possible for SIDS & stillborn research as the loss of a child is something that no parent should have to go through. This will be my second year riding Sydney2Camberra and I look forward to having that amazing connection with Alec like no other time then doing this ride.




Name Donation Amount Date Message
Sarah Howard $100.00 April 23, 2019 -
Tanya Turner $25.00 April 15, 2019 You're an amazing woman doing an amazing thing!
Merryn Valcovich $100.00 April 14, 2019 Love your work Belinda. You're an inspiration. Now rest your body beautiful mumma. You have done so well and all of us on the Peninsula so proud.
Wendy Stack $100.00 April 13, 2019 So proud of you Belinda xx
Suzi Powell $20.00 April 13, 2019 Congrats on an epic ride!!
Pam Jirapak $25.00 April 13, 2019 Great work Belinda!
Marissa Taylor $40.00 April 13, 2019 Inspiration B... CONGRATULATIONS you bloody pocket rocket
Lee-Anne Maker-Evans $75.00 April 13, 2019 Thank you for doing your live videos. You are so inspirational. Second donation for your spirit and never give up attitude. Go Belinda.
Sara Murphy $25.00 April 13, 2019 Well done Belinda, thinking of you and Alec through your ride. Love you lots, very proud of you and all you’ve achieved. Sara xo
Jacob Keegel $25.00 April 13, 2019 So incredibly proud of you Belinda! You’re such an inspiration to all of us and I couldn’t be prouder to say you’re apart of our family. Keep pushing, keep riding and keep keeping on, Alec is there with you every hill, every bump and every kilometre along the way. We’re all so proud. Love you ❤️❤️
Col & Kaylene Neal $50.00 April 12, 2019 Proud of you Belinda, continue to Ride hard, Ride well, Ride fair & stay safe. 🚴🏼‍♀️
Trish Harte $25.00 April 12, 2019 Best wishes Belinda, push through, thinking of you.
Christine Salama $50.00 April 11, 2019 You go girl. I'm behind you all the way. So very proud of you! Love you heaps ❤
Catherine Mutton $50.00 April 11, 2019 We are all behind you all the way!! Xoxo
Lee-Anne Maker-Evans $25.00 April 11, 2019 Belinda, you are truly inspirational lady. You have had a goal and you have stayed focused and dedicated to it all the way. Keep us all posted. We are extremely proud of you and your unwaivering commitment to your cause.
Kylie-jo Lines $50.00 April 11, 2019 Smooth riding Bel xxx
Daniel O’Brien $200.00 April 10, 2019 Good luck ! From Daniel & Skye
Heath and Hayden Ryan $20.00 April 10, 2019 Go Anthony’s Mum!
Sam Barker $50.00 April 10, 2019 Good luck Bel!
Anonymous $50.00 April 10, 2019 Good luck Brl
Skye O'Brien $300.00 April 10, 2019 We will be thinking about Bel. Lots of love Dan & Skye xx
Jo Wright $60.00 April 09, 2019 -
Richard Hodges $425.00 April 09, 2019 Proceeds from Healthworks Gym Redcliffe
Adrian Arnold $15.00 April 09, 2019 -
Sam Hughes $109.00 April 09, 2019 Hi bois
Geoff Williams $25.00 April 09, 2019 Keep the pedals turning mate.
Deanna Cottrell $80.00 April 08, 2019 Love and hugs, have a cracker of a ride🤗
Anonymous $20.00 April 08, 2019 -
Nick Christy $166.00 April 07, 2019 -
Steven Keegel $1,000.00 April 03, 2019 -
Celeste Grice $50.00 April 02, 2019 You’re the best Belinda. So proud of everything you do. Go get em :) xoxo
Andrew Crisan $50.00 April 02, 2019 Good luck Belinda.
Marion Rogers $50.00 April 02, 2019 Good luck Belinda
Mitchell Broad $25.00 April 02, 2019 Good luck Bel. Red
Belinda Hodges $65.00 April 01, 2019 Proceeds from the Charity Ladies Night in - Ride for Alec
Belinda Hodges $200.00 April 01, 2019 Monies raised from the Charity Yoga Class at Healthworks Redcliffe Gym
Samantha Petzke $30.00 March 30, 2019 Mmmmwwwwhhha x
Brett Reed $250.00 March 30, 2019 All the best Belinda, with all our love, Brett and Oh :-)
Robyn Harbour $50.00 March 30, 2019 Well done Belinda
Judy Bolton $25.00 March 29, 2019 Great things you are doing, Bel. Congrats. X
Craig Southon $50.00 March 28, 2019 Good luck Belinda
Rebecca Crew $40.00 March 28, 2019 -
Anonymous $150.00 March 26, 2019 -
Chris Gemmell $50.00 March 24, 2019 Go Belinda!!
Chris Gemmell $25.00 March 24, 2019 Go Belinda!
FIONA THORPE $50.00 March 22, 2019 You are amazing!! Have a great ride, stay safe, be strong & enjoy the scenery. We love you xxx
Jennifer Hodges $50.00 March 18, 2019 Good luck! Queen of the mountain here we come!
Lance Chamberlain $50.00 March 18, 2019 -
Tony Williams $50.00 March 16, 2019 Go hard or go home train hard and enjoy the experience some one to look up too keep up the good work
Suzanne Parker $25.00 March 16, 2019 Go B !!! You’ve got this and we are all here to support you 💕
Linda Saddi $50.00 March 15, 2019 You’re amazing! It’s all worth it xx
Lynda Kelly $25.00 March 13, 2019 Make it happen Belinda! Lxo
Kathy Gray $30.00 March 02, 2019 All the best! Wonderful cause to help others and huge effort ride too.
Elaina Saddi $75.00 March 01, 2019 So proud of who you are and what you are doing. I know Alec is enjoying heaven xx.
Craig Brown $25.00 March 01, 2019 -
Belinda Hodges $515.00 February 27, 2019 Monies Raised from Charity Beach Bootcamp 24th February - Healthworks Gyms
Sharon Barbeler $50.00 February 26, 2019 Very proud of you Belinda. This is a marvellous way to bring awareness and raise money for a great cause.
Sonya Johnson $25.00 February 24, 2019 So proud to know you Belinda. Safe riding x
Joanne Keegel $50.00 February 23, 2019 Your amazing and Alec spirit will be with you all the way . Xxx
Chris Jeffries $25.00 February 17, 2019 -
Wendy Hernandez $10.00 February 17, 2019 You’re a champion! Alec would be so proud of you ❤️
Chris Gemmell $25.00 February 17, 2019 Go Belinda!
Rob McLeish $100.00 February 16, 2019 Belinda, this is a great cause and everyone who knows you knows how hard you work for it. Go get them Girl! No#1 for Redcliffe.
Louise Thorsn $100.00 February 11, 2019 Your dedication to this cause is inspiring Belinda.
Belinda Hodges $355.00 January 30, 2019 Monies raised from Healthworks Redcliffe Charity Spin Class
Anonymous $50.00 January 30, 2019 $1.50 for every km Kate clocked on Monday. Sorry couldn't be there.
Kathyrn Willis $25.00 January 14, 2019 Be safe on for journey
Rod & Belinda Eggins $20.00 January 13, 2019 -
Josh Dickinson $200.00 January 10, 2019 Thanks for sharing your story, Bel. Your journey is both heartbreaking and inspiring. It’s put the fragility of life into perspective for me. Much love, Josh and Gab xo
Selina Green $10.00 January 09, 2019 Hi you good thing...donating instead of having dessert purchase


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