Testimonial - Lucas and Gillian Mara

Lucas and Gillian Mara

I first grappled with the injustice of losing a child when our close friends, Graham and Nadine, lost Cameron. It made something Gillian and I never considered as a reality much more tangible.

From that moment on we always struggled to comprehend the injustice of “that reality” especially because, only two months earlier, we were lucky enough to have welcomed Aidan into our family. Why were we so blessed when others had to suffer?

I would often think about the fact that Aidan and Cameron would have been friends if Cameron was alive. Ironically and tragically however, Aidan was provided with the opportunity to meet Cameron three years later when he passed away unexpectedly. At the time Aidan was a healthy, vibrant and loving little boy and his death ripped a hole in our lives and our hearts.

Over time you rebuild your life and mend your heart as best you can but it is not easy and, to be honest, is not possible without the support of friends, family and the community and far as the communities go there is no community that galvanises our strength more than the Sydney2CAMberra family.

It is at this point that I need to stress the word “family” because everyone involved becomes part of an extended family due to the raw emotions shared and the amount of love and support that you both give to and receive from fellow riders, volunteers and their legions of supporters. If you ever doubt the state of humanity in today’s world you should come and get involved as I can guarantee that it will be one of the most moving and uplifting experiences that you will encounter in your life.

Apart from the community support, this ride is especially important to me as Aidan’s father because there are not many tangible things I can do to honour Aidan. This ride gives me that opportunity because it is when the going gets tough, when the physical pain is the greatest, that I feel the closest to Aidan because I know he is in my heart and mind inspiring me to go further, harder and faster. It is these moments that are special for me because you realise Aidan’s memories and my love for him will never fade and as a result I know Aidan will live forever.