Supporting families to have their rainbow baby

The Rainbow Baby Project

A pilot program which is providing private midwife support to pregnant mothers, who previously suffered a stillbirth. Proudly sponsored by Elletens in partnership with My Midwives.

In loving memory of Austin Moore, Layla Youngman and My Midwives angel babies

Continuity gives hope.

Many families who lose a child to stillbirth, bravely decide that they would still like to have more children. This can be an incredibly stressful and trying 9 months. These families have lived through a deep loss, which makes the intimate and close care of a private midwife, a real need. This continuity of care not only offers support, but improves pregnancy outcomes, and reduces the risk of another stillbirth by up to 20%.

Thanks to the generous support and funding from Sydney 2 CAMberra, My Midwives, in partnership with Elle TENS, are launching a pilot program and world first. Over the next 12 months we will be supporting women and families as they continue their journey through a subsequent pregnancy, having previously had a child stillborn.

The $25,000 funding for the pilot program, will enable 10 still-families to receive continuity of care, 24/7 support, additional scans attended with their midwife, who also makes home visits. The service can start from the day the family finds out they are pregnant and continues through until 6 weeks post birth and will not cost the family a single cent.

The pilot will be formally launched in October and will run for approximately 12 months, thanks to the generous funding supplied by the Sydney 2 CAMberra bike ride and charity.

“Through the amazing donation of charity Sydney 2 CAMberra we are able to offer the security of a known midwife to the family”


Liz Wilkes

My Midwives Founder and Managing Director

Our Project Sponsors

Supporting families to have their rainbow baby.

The Rainbow Baby Project has been developed in loving memory of Austin Moore, Layla Youngman and My Midwives angel babies, to support families to have their rainbow baby.

My Midwives along with Elle TENS are committed to exploring ways to secure ongoing funding of the Rainbow Baby Project, nationally. It is our desire to support all families who have previously experienced a stillbirth or newborn loss, to access midwifery continuity of care for their subsequent pregnancy. This will not only reduce the risk of stillbirth, but also to support the family during pregnancy, birth & early parenting after their previous loss.


Elle Tens is a medical device company dedicated to providing support and care to mothers, through the relief of pain. The device is recommended pain management in labour by midwives and obstetricians.

My Midwives

My Midwives vision is for all women and their families have access to an optimal start to their family journey through excellence in midwifery services and continuity of care by 2025.

Supporting families to have their rainbow baby.

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My Midwives

My Midwives will be the operational force to deliver the Rainbow Baby Project to 10 families over the next 12 months. Those on the pilot will receive midwifery continuity of care, for pregnancy which follows a stillbirth or newborn loss.

My Midwives Mission

INSPIRE – AWAKEN – IGNITE – SERVE the unique inner power of women. A sustainable earth begins with birth.

My Midwives Vision

All women and their families have access to an optimal start through excellence in midwifery services and continuity of care by 2025.

Launching October 2022

Pilot Program Details

The focus of the program is on contact and relational care – the woman and family do not need to explain their story over and over. The midwife is completely cognisant of a need for additional reassurance related to the families previous experiences including but not limited to additional fetal monitoring and potentially alterations to timingor mode of birth.

Evidence demonstrates these additional supports decrease mental health issues and increase women’s satisfaction in their care.

My Midwives leads the way with exceptional outcomes for clients and their families and have won awards in Queensland and Victoria for innovation and leadership in health care. The My Midwives team strive every day to best serve the woman who entrust us with the privilege of being part of their birthing journey.

For more information on the Rainbow Baby Project Pilot Program provided by My Midwives, download the full press release below.


Liz Wilkes
My Midwives Founder and Managing Director

Liz is a high achieving, entrepreneurial midwife who founded My Midwives, Australia’s largest Medicare rebated private midwifery practice. Her passion is ensuring families have the best start which she believes is critical for sustainability of the planet. Liz is a committed midwifery leader who drives change, with nearly two decades experience in policy & advocacy.

My Midwives & Project Rainbow Baby

Client Story

We first met the My Midwives team back in 2018 when we were pregnant with our first son after two daughters. Karen, our midwife, provided continuous support and midwifery care throughout the pregnancy, assisting us  to plan and prepare for a beautiful home birth for October of that year.

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In August, 2 months before we were expected to welcome our baby boy to the world, we tragically were met with a cruel reality we did not see coming. We were rushed to the hospital where we met Karen and were informed that our boy Tallan had passed away. Our world was shattered. With Karen alongside us we birthed our beautiful boy into a silent room.

We knew for us our future involved trying for another baby. Another to love and care for and the moment we fell pregnant we knew we wanted to have the continuous care and support of Karen from My Midwives. Going into another pregnancy with a new sense of fear and anxiety was not easy emotionally or mentally. Second guessing every step of the way if everything was ok or that something was going to go wrong and it was only a matter of time.

For us we had the trusted support of someone who not only walked that path with us, but had the knowledge and awareness of how we felt from our very first prenatal appointment in the early stages of the pregnancy. Right from the very beginning with my second son I was able to express all my worries, concerns and fears. The relief of continuity of care meant I didn’t have to delve into our history with someone new in the revolving door of medical professionals that we could have been met with in a different model of maternity care. Something no grieving parent wants to retell over and over again.

I had Karen attend my regular hospital appointments and checks, advocating for me where needed and asking the questions my grieving brain struggled to keep on top of, ultimately covering every aspect and truly giving me the chance at making informed choices for myself and my baby.

I had someone I could call on to support me at any time of day and would be there throughout my labour and birth. A midwife I’d already built a relationship with that knew everything first hand and not known from a file note.

Pregnancy after a baby born still requires such personal and tailored care in a consistent way and I believe should be readily available for every grieving family. We welcomed our second son Baxter in November 2019 with Karen by our sides with teary filled eyes in a room that was filled with loud baby cries.

Tamara, Brisbane – Queensland 

Stillmum and My Midwives Client

Pilot Launching October 2022

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My Midwives along with Elle TENS are committed to exploring ways to secure ongoing funding of the Rainbow Baby Project, nationally. Thanks to your generous donations, we can continue our efforts supporting families who have experienced loss.

Sydney 2 CAMberra is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient, all donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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